Our enchanting Trashionistas welcome you to innovative haute couture, fashioned from everyday trash...

We are a "Trash into Fashion" troupe looking at the world through trash-colored glasses. So with a dash of good humor, let us share our craft and awaken the artist in you!

We aim to excite you into rethinking how you view your discarded and throw-away items. In the world of fashion there is much variety, and so it is with the world of trash. Even the most devout recycler may not appreciate the charm of a dress made from garden plastics. But we do! We are committed to empowering each other through encouragement, respect, cooperation, and an appreciation for the art of trash fashion. We want to inspire a new world of fashion.

Through the medium of Trash into Fashion, we encourage you
to Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle